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Thank You JP

JP Auclair

Thank you JP.

You are the very definition of what we all strive to be in our lives. You had a veracious appetite to learn, create, explore, have fun, work hard. You have been so many things to so many people, but all positive and in turn you have influenced and inspired the world. You never did anything second rate. As Martine Scorsese recently said, "For your work, for your passion. Everyday is a re-dedication, every step is a first step, every brush stroke is a test, every scene is a lesson, every shot is a school." That ideal was ingrained in your core values and you have gifted Poor Boyz with so much, but above all, the gift to create something new with every turn, every genre of skiing, every edit, every project we have done together and every aspect of our personal lives. Being apart of what you have accomplished is our greatest achievement. During the many long nights in the editing room, the trials and tribulations of being there while you defined your voice, re-created yourself time and time again, we will forever cherish, draw from for inspiration, and simply put, try to be like you.

As our friends from Armada said.
"Today, tomorrow and always, JP’s legacy will live on. In Ingrid and their son Léo, in skiing, in Alpine Initiatives, in Armada, and in the countless lives that were made better because of him."

If you would like to help JP’s family through these difficult times. JP’s Family has asked to make donations to the Auclair Fund ( or to the non-profit JP started, Alpine Initiatives (

Thank you JP, we love you forever.

From the Poor Boyz Family.


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